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There is a lot of information that you need to be aware of before you come to the gym at present,

to ensure the safety of both yourselves and those working in the gym.

We have tried to summarise in the points below:


*There are now limited numbers allowed in the gym therefore there will be a booking system.


Opening hours will continue to be

7.00am - 9.00pm Monday-Friday

10.00am - 4.00pm Saturday

10.00am - 2.00pm Sunday


*Bookings will be every hour on the hour and you can book by texting your NAME, DAY and TIME of booking to 07500112289 (the new gym number). If we are full for that session we will let you know - otherwise you are booked in. Sessions are limited to 1 hour so please adhere to this for the sake of others training and avoidance of an awkward conversation asking you to leave. Please also ensure you actually arrive for your booked slot, and on time.


*If you turn up without booking and there is space to train you are more than welcome. Non-members are always welcome too if there is space.


*As usual we will log and record the time you come in. This will allow us to track and trace should we be informed of a confirmed COVID-19 case for anyone who has visited us.


*You’ll need to arrive and leave in your gym clothing.  Showers will not be in use to reduce the amount of time people are on the premises (but we do have brand spanking new shower facilities all ready!)


*Gym equipment will be more spread out and some pieces may be removed or closed off to adhere to the distancing.


*You really must stay at home if you feel unwell or are showing any signs at all of COVID. There will be signs as you enter the gym asking if you or anybody else in your household is unwell.

Please do not come to the gym if you feel at all ill.


*Please be prepared to have your temperature taken on arrival. This will be via a non-contact forehead temperature gauge.


*Use hand sanitising stations. These are located as you enter and all around the gym.


*Music over the sound system will be off. This is to reduce shouting and potentially spreading infections.


*Follow the social distancing signs. There will be arrows indicating a one way system around the gym. Please try to stick to this as much as possible.

There will also be one entrance (usual entrance) and a separate exit (the fire doors at the rear). These are clearly signed so again please adhere to them.


*Clean your equipment. There are spray and towel stations also for you to clean equipment before and after use.


Aside from respecting the safety guidance put in place by the government we are asking everyone to show extra kindness and patience - we are all part of the Core family and crew and are doing our best to get up and running again.


We have had very few people questioning their membership, but if you ask us to backdate to when we went into lockdown, we are of course happy to do so. Otherwise we will commence membership when you come back to us. As you all know we are small fish in the world of gyms in Plymouth so we're hoping you can support us as a small family business to get back on track again.

Small things such as purchasing a drink or shake will help massively to keep us going.


We love you all but please do not ask for credit....the answer will be no, so please save us all the embarrassment!

There have been people who have continued to support us whilst in the lockdowns, and they will get priority bookings.


We will also be encouraging payment via direct debit going forward. This will both lessen the time taken when coming in, and of course reduce the contact of handling cash.


We appreciate that this is a long message but we hope you agree a very important one.


Thank you.

Core Fitness Gym.

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